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JFC Billet Block

JFC Racing needed assistance producing an engine for a Lola race car using two items: a 280 pound chunk of solid aluminum and a brand new Rottler GM 1066. Inexperienced with the machinery, software, and processes, JFC enlisted the aid of LFP. We partnered with JFC Racing for software development, machining, and fixturing. Together, we achieved a one of a kind, complete billet engine consisting of fixturing, the engine block itself, and closed deck inserts.

Porsche cylinder head

LFP loves impossible jobs. When Xtreme Cylinder Heads came to us with a museum display, 1950’s, Porsche four-cam cylinder head broken into 4 pieces, an engine deemed irreparable, we accepted the job. Working with great care to complete an intensive amount of machining combined with immense welding, we did the impossible and put the original engine back together for our client.

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