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LFP was created with a singular goal: to provide clients with a reliable and trustworthy partner. Our knowledge, method of implementation, and passion for helping others makes us unique in the industry. By leveraging our extensive background in Rottler CNC equipment and their proprietary software, we’ve built a support system to provide our clients with an “all-in-one” solution. Initially supplying Rottler CNC repairs, installations, and education, LFP has expanded to include remote support, custom fixturing, tool supply and sourcing, and project development. We take pride in our ability to remain connected with our clients both personally and professionally. We invest extra time to ensure that our clients maximize the productivity and lifecycles of their machinery. Our success is measured by the results we get for our clients.

High quality and customer-focused. That’s what we’re all about.”

Kaleb LeFevra, Owner of LFP Machine Tools

Kaleb LeFevra, Owner

After specializing in Automotive High Performance Technology in college, I left the Midwest and began working as a machine assembler at Rottler Manufacturing. Quickly ascending the ranks to lead technician for Cylinder Head Porting, I spent most of my time traveling to complete installations and train others how to operate 5-axis cylinder head porting machines. Between roadtrips, I spent extensive time testing software and assisting in the development of the stable systems still in place today.

I spent three years developing my skills in a CNC manufacturing setting and decided it was time to expand my horizons. Moving first to Tennessee, I eventually settled in Florida as a Lead Machinist for an automotive performance shop. Even with my thorough background knowledge, I found it challenging to leverage my skills in machine specialization to generate income for a company. It required me to increase my speed of performance without sacrificing quality. During this time, I recognized a unique demand within the industry. Many shops had great ideas but were missing the critical knowledge and professional assistance to implement and execute a plan of action to turn those ideas into completed projects. That’s what spurred my interest in project development; I wanted to work alongside my clients and teach them how to take an idea from concept to completion. LFP was born.

Power Automedia interviews Kaleb LeFevra, Owner of LFP Machine Tools, alongside Anthony Usher, VP of Sales & Marketing at Rottler Manufacturing, during the 2018 Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Trade Show in Indianapolis, IN. Kaleb discusses how Rottler Manufacturing is revolutionizing the industry with its 5-Axis CNC digitizing software.

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