Kaleb LeFevra, Owner of LFP Tools, announces participation in the 2018 Performance Racing Industry Trade Show (PRI 2018) in Indianapolis, IN from December 6-8, 2018.

Contracted by Rottler Manufacturing for the 2018 Trade Show, Kaleb will be machining in “Rottler Alley,” part of PRI’s world-famous Machinery Row. As a Certified Technician for Rottler Manufacturing, Kaleb is contracted worldwide for the installation, education, and repair of Rottler CNC machinery. Not only does Kaleb install and service CNC machinery, he also specializes in custom project development which requires unique software programming to meet the specific parameters of intricate projects. Before founding LFP Tools, Kaleb spent years working with Rottler Manufacturing, refining his skills to understand the complexity of the software and specialty components to complete some of the most demanding and seemingly impossible jobs in the high performance automotive industry.

“PRI is synonymous with racing. This Trade Show is the biggest event of the year in our industry and I am excited to see some familiar faces and make some new connections,” says Kaleb LeFevra. “PRI is one of the only trade shows in the world where attendees actually get to physically interact with the exhibits. At the Rottler booth, people have the opportunity to handle the machines themselves; that’s a unique experience. I’m looking forward to machining and showcasing some custom projects that LFP Tools has been involved with and I can’t wait for the buzz and energy that’s prominent throughout the three day event.”

About PRI 2018

The 2018 Performance Racing Industry Trade Show features conferences, seminars, and networking opportunities that provide hands-on and up-close encounters with manufacturers, exhibitors, and industry pros that are unique to the event. Spanning Lucas Oil Stadium and the Indiana Convention Centers, the PRI Trade Show is billed as the world’s premier event for motorsports professionals. PRI 2018 features almost 1200 exhibiting companies and over 3,300 booths. It draws thousands of racing professionals from across the United States and around the globe. This year, Kaleb will be conducting demonstrations for Rottler Manufacturing, located in Booths 5129, 5139, and 5229.

About Kaleb LeFevra

Kaleb LeFevra is the owner of LFP Tools and a Certified Technician for Rottler Manufacturing. With deep knowledge of the 3, 4, and 5-axis CNC Porting and Machining Centers, Kaleb provides unparalleled software development, customized tooling and fixturing solutions, and exceptional customer service that exceeds client’s expectations. Providing on-site installation and education, as well as remote support, LFP Tools invests extra time to maximize the productivity and lifecycles of Rottler CNC machinery. Founded in 2017, LFP Tools is based in Port Saint Lucie, FL.