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Collet & Drill Chucks

View our selection of collets and drill chucks.

Probe Styli/Extensions

We carry a wide selection of probe styli and extensions for replacing parts in your machine.

The Best In superior tooling for your CNC Machines

LeFevra Performance provides a wide range of cost effective, superior tooling for your CNC Machines. We supply some of the highest quality probe styli on the market, as well as custom high-grade carbide tooling for some of the most extreme machining jobs in the industry.

Carbide Lollipops for Aluminum

View our selection of Carbide Lollipops for sale.

Individual Collets

View our selection of individual collects.

Collet Sets

Browse our sale on collet sets.

Carbide Lollipops for Cast Iron

View our selection of Carbide Lollipops for sale.

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Specialty Services

LFP is your partner for cost-effective quality tooling, custom project development, and Rottler CNC installation education and support.

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